Disturbing Trend of Failure

A trend became painfully apparent during my last trip to the RRG: I don’t usually get very much accomplished when I climb there. For the number of days I have climbed there (roughly 50) I don’t really have much to show for it (less than 10 5.12’s in total). I’m not talking about needing to do routes for the scorecard; I’m just talking about having an answer for when people ask, “So, how was your trip to the Red?” Sadly, my answer is usually some variation of the phrase “I one fell X route…”

Here is a list of harder routes at the Red that I have tried without sending:

Mosaic (.12c) – 1 fall
Galunlati (.12b/c) – 1 fall
Triple Sec (.13a) – no comment
Jesus Wept (.12d) – 1 fall
Gung Ho (.12b) – 1 fall
Infectious (.12b) – 1 fall
Tuskan Raider (.12d) – 1 fall
The Force (.13a-)
Heart Shaped Box (.12c) – 1 fall
Tic Tac Toe (.12b) – roughly 1 fall
Chainsaw Massacre (.12a) – 1 fall
Paranoia (.13b) – needs much work

Somewhat disturbing pattern of not being able to finish…I’ll put the over/under at 3.5 on number of these I actually send this year.

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